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Business Collaborations

This collaboration is intended to bring buyers and sellers together, Examples could include people in the county who have land and can grow veggies, fruit, dairy, etc. and people who own restaurants or want to participate in a community supported agriculture. Another example could be people who grow hard to find wood products and local wood workers.

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Random Collaborations

This collaboration is intended to create events where you hope your neighbors can participate. How about a Spring is here meet potluck at a local park? How about children with special needs that would like to meet with other children? How about a mashup? Any singers, musicians, dancers that want to create a spectacle?

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Sharing Economy Collaborations

This is pretty much a future looking idea generator. Maybe a group buying land to create a mini-retirement village with little houses and lots of plants, gardens and puppies? Purchase a large farm and break it into smaller mini-farms? Anyone thinking about sharing a self-driving car? Or several. Why own something that usually sits unused 95% of the time.

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Recent Collaborations

Instant Pot Pre-Made Meals
Posted by DIYster 3 years ago

A possible collaboration would be to bring small organic growers to work with small meal assemblers that could make a instant pot meal that a family could take out of […]

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Planting Collaboration
Posted by johnlazaro 4 years ago

This is just a sample content for the collaboration entry.

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