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    I changed out my grape trellises to use a Heading technique but of course I did it my way. With cattle panels.
    Trellising the grapes took up too much room and I hated to crawl under the vines to harvest or put on these mesh bags I bought to protect the grapes from birds.
    This method takes up less area on the ground and makes it easier to harvest and prune etc.

    owen 37068

    I put my cattle panel on 4 post so I could walk under them. I used 3 cattle panel and set 4 grape vines out


    I did a trellis system but got tired of having to crawl under them to wrap mesh bags over the fruit and also to harvest. I did not think of using 4×4 posts but they could have been high enough to walk under.
    What I did was mostly a tweak on the Heading of Grapes I found was done out in the Grape Fields in California. They did the heading only to get more varieties and of course took a hit on quantity of grapes per plant.

    Thanks for the discussion.

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